Goalie Equipment Instructions (Grimsby Minor Hockey)

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Look at the face of the pads and identify the thick outer roll on each pad.  Position them side by side so that the outer roll is to the outside on each of them.  Lay the pads face down on the floor, side-by-side. Your child will step behind the pads to the end that has the toe laces.



Weave the toe string through the openings in the skate blade.

Pull the laces back until the pad fits snugly against the toe of the skate.  Be sure the pad sits above the skate blade.  Cross the laces behind the skate, and tie the ends on top of the skate boot.



Once the laces are tied, you can either have the child kneel on the pads, or have the child sit and bring the pads up to their knees and start buckling the straps from the bottom to the top, making sure that the lower straps are done up tightly, and looser as you go to the top. 

The bottom strap can be fastened through the opening in the skate blade to secure the bottom of the pad to the foot.


Attach the neck shield to your childs helmet.

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