Revised NCCP Coaching Development (Grimsby Minor Hockey)

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Respect in Sport (Speak Out)
This is a required component for ALL team officials (Coaches, Trainers, Managers and On Ice Helpers). This course focuses on the prevention of bullying, harassment and abuse in the game of hockey.  This e-learning course is available on the OMHA Website -
Respect in Sport (Speak Out) certification does not expire

Revised NCCP Certification| PATHWAY

When implementing the revised NCCP for Hockey, the goals are:

  • To meet Hockey Canada standard/policy

  • To maintain current OMHA standards

  • To be realistic in our expectations and demands of Coaches/Volunteers


Revised NCCP Certification | Pathway

The following diagram illustrates the pathway that a Coach would follow in the Revised NCCP for Hockey:


A key change in the Revised NCCP for Hockey is the progression from ‘Trained’ status to ‘Certified’ status. The certification process requires the coach to show evidence of learning via a ‘competency-based’ evaluation process.

Understanding “Trained” vs. “Certified” Status

“Trained” Status

Trained” status indicates the Coach has attended an NCCP clinic and the Coach is in process of completing evaluation to be “Certified”

  • “Trained” status carries an expiry of 5 years

  • The development pathway for these Coaches is to move through the certification process or after the expiry must take the clinic again

“Certified” Status

The certification process requires the Coach to show evidence of learning and is ‘competency based’

  • Certified” status carries an expiry of 5 years

  • Coaches with ‘Certified’ status will have to complete a defined number of Professional Development points through the Hockey Canada Certification Maintenance Program

  • If a Coach with ‘Certified’ status does not acquire required Professional Development points, the qualification will revert to ‘Trained’ status


Certification Maintenance | Professional Development

In order for NCCP coaches to maintain their ‘certified’ status, they will be required to obtain a required number of Professional Development (PD) points over a 5 year period.


The chart below defines the number of Professional Development points required:


  • If a Coach does not complete Hockey Canada Certification Maintenance within the 5 year window, qualification will revert from ‘Certified’ to ‘Trained’

  • The OMHA Coach refresher Clinic will no longer renew Coach Qualifications as it did in the past.  The Coach  Refresher clinic will be a Professional Development option for Coaches and will now carry a value of 3 Professional Development points in the Certification Maintenance Program

Tracking Qualifications

‘The Locker” | Coaching Association of Canada Database

  • Professional Development points will be tracked on the Coach’s Transcript in “The Locker” which is the Coaching Association of Canada’s online database –

  • Coaches can create a log-in and access their profile and transcript online

  • “The Locker” will track Professional Development (PD) points and will update the Hockey Canada Registry (HCR) Profile when ‘Certified’ status is renewed

Evaluation Process to Complete Development 1 ‘Certified’ Status

Upon successful attendance and completion of all pre-clinic and in-clinic tasks, the coach participant is deemed to hold development 1 ‘Trained’ status. The requirements to become Development 1 ‘Certified’ are successful completion of the following tasks:

1. MED Competition Introduction - Online evaluation – more information…

2. Written Assignment – NCCP Development 1 Coach Evaluation Criteria (D1 POST-TASK WORKBOOK), including the Emergency Action Plan (EAP)

3. Field Evaluation – Practice

All coaches will be able to be active on a roster with ‘Trained’ status for one season after attending a Development 1 clinic so they can complete the tasks required to complete the certification process.

Evaluation Process to Complete ‘Certified’ Status

1. Coaches must complete the MED online evaluation and Coach Workbook (NCCP Development 1 Coach Evaluation Criteria) – written assignment prior to requesting a Field Evaluation.

2. When these two items are completed, the Coach can request a Field Evaluation.

3. Coaches should contact the NCCP Field Evaluator from their Centre - where they are currently active. If the Centre where the Coach does not have an NCCP Field Evaluator, the Coach should contact the Regional Development Leader (RDL) for their region (full list of RDLs is included in this document)

4. Provide schedule and identify possible date(s) for Field Evaluation.

5. Coach must bring the following to the evaluation of the practice:

a. Completed Coach Workbook (NCCP Development 1 Coach Evaluation Criteria)

b. Copy of certificate from MED Competition Introduction – online evaluation

c. Completed Emergency Action Plan (EAP)

OMHA Coaches Program | Development 1 Certification Process

d. Copy of the Practice Plan to be executed during the Field Evaluation

6. When Field Evaluation is complete, the coach will be provided a copy of the evaluation, debrief and action plan documents.

7. Upon successful completion of the field evaluation and other requirements, the coach’s Hockey Canada Registry (HCR) profile and CAC Locker transcript will be updated.

8. D1 ‘Certified’ status is valid for 5 years. In order to maintain ‘Certified’ status, coaches are required to obtain 20 Professional Development (PD) points over that 5-year period.


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